EazyPrint has its own in-house design team, but if you are choosing to supply your own artwork we need you to follow a few basic rules to make sure we meet your deadlines and standards. Getting everything absolutely right at the start of the process ensures you receive quality print at the end of it. 

If you're not certain about your artwork, give us a call or browse our Fixed Price Artwork Packages page.  We are very happy to receive a file ahead of ordering for us to check - we will not charge for this, so it's worth doing if you're not certain.

Supplying your own artwork

To achieve the highest quality print it is important for artwork to be supplied to the highest possible standard. High quality artwork will result in high quality print. The information below gives some guidance on artwork preparation but please contact us if you require help in preparing your files for print.


PLEASE NOTE:  We assume that the files you send us have been proofed by you and are ready for printing.  This means you have checked the document for all spelling and grammatical errors, colour issues, layout and design BEFORE sending us your artwork.  With this in mind you will not need to receive any further proofs from us.  Although we will do our best to ensure that the files you send us are set up correctly, if you follow the guidance you should not have any issues. If we have provided you with a proof, Eazy-print can not be held responsible for any errors or omissions that occur after this has been approved.  If you would like to receive a Post-Ripped proof, please note these are chargeable, and are only provided on request at the time of ordering, and will likely affect the turnaround of your order.

File types

We require all artwork to be supplied as high resolution PDF files at the correct size for the print you are buying. We can convert files from other formats at a charge of £10 per file and can also re-size files but charge our standard rates for Design and Layout.

PDF files

  • File type - files should be supplied as high resolution (press quality) 300dpi PDFs.
  • Images - all images used during artwork preparation should be 300dpi at the Finished Print Size to ensure good quality print.
  • Fonts - all fonts should be embedded (select embed fonts in distiller options) or converted to curves.
  • Colour pallette - please supply as a CMYK PDF, not RGB. It is important to ensure that all images used are also converted to CMYK. Using RGB PDFs can cause incorrect colours being printed or faults with RGB images.
  • Bleed - PDFs need to be supplied with 3mm bleed and trim marks.
  • Layout - please supply as a SINGLE page PDF. Please do not supply booklets or brochures in spreads (one page next to the other) or flyers with the front and back on one page. Each printed page needs to be set up on its own page in the correct order.
  • Spot colours - all spot colours need to be converted to CMYK before creating the PDF. If the PDF is set up with spot colours these will be converted before printing and may cause incorrect colour reproduction.
  • Cutter guides - please email us to send you our folder cutter guides. Please supply artwork with the cutter guide displayed and set-up as a pink spot colour. This will be removed before printing.

Roller banners

The artwork for your roller banners should be set up to the appropriate chosen width and height. The bottom 100mm of the banner material stays within the Roller Banner mechanism at the bottom of the banner and won't be seen. Please bear this in mind when setting up your artwork as it must be set up to the correct size. The print ready PDF must be at least 300dpi with a 3mm bleed if appropriate. It's fine to set the artwork up at 1/2 or 1/4 size as long as the dpi remains 300 at full size.

EazyPrint Budget roller banner stand (PVC / Lightstop Option):
The visible panel is available in either a 800mm or 850mm width, and is 2,000mm high.
Artwork size should be 800/850mm x 2,100mm high (treating the bottom 100mm as bleed)

Premium roller banner stand:
The visible panel is available in an 850mm width and is 2,150mm high.
Artwork size should be 850mm x 2,250mm high (treating the bottom 100mm as bleed)

Exclusive roller banner stand:
The visible panel is available in a 850mm width and is 2,150mm high.
Artwork size should be 850mm x 2,350mm high (treating the bottom 200mm as bleed)

Super-Wide roller banner stand:
The visible panel is available in a 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m and 2m width, and the height is 2,150mm high.
Artwork size should be (choose your width) x 2,350mm high (treating the bottom 200mm as bleed)

General guidance

  • Please do check and double check your artwork before uploading the final PDF file. It sounds obvious to us, but please check that the artwork you are providing is suitable for the product you are ordering.  If it's a PVC banner, please allow for hemming and eyelets - see advice here.
  • Do check spelling and grammar and make sure this is the final version which you are happy to have printed. Reprinting due to artwork errors is an added expense and we may have to charge.
  • Ensure that you have permission to use any images or logos included in your artwork. Make sure you're not breaching any copyright regulations.
  • We will not print any artwork which contains indecent or inappropriate images so please don't include them.

Proofing Charges

  • We do not supply proofs unless these have been requested at the time of order.
  • If requested, we will supply PDF proofs for Digital work at a cost of £10, and Litho proofs need to be discussed. 
  • Hard copy press calibrated digital proofs are available at £15.00 per proof page plus VAT. We would recommend this type of proof for high value orders or if you are new to creating artwork.

Ready to Upload Your PDF?

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